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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  October 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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today? >> yes, pam, we have cool readings, not in the way we have readings yesterday but temperatures will bump up a little bit, we are looking at 60s and 70s and 80s under mostly sunny conditions, here is sal. as you can see traffic is moving along well, also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza coming up to the pay gates, it is 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. a nine-year-old is among those injured after a shooting in pittsburgh. it all happened during a birthday party. >> about 30 people in a -- in a dent fans, family and -- in attendance family and friends when two people came up and shot that child.
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they walked up to this house on ravine drive and started firing into the garage. the shooters wounded a nine- year-old and three teenagers under the age of 19 two victims had to be takingen to hospital and are in critical condition however all four victims are expected to survive. >> nothing this big ever happened before and it is bad. but it is life, not much you can do. >> he may have jumped into a car and police are expecting to get more from police about this later this morning but if you know anything you are asked to call pittsburgh police. ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police moved in overnight against occupied
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protesters who blocked a city truck and blocked a major roadway. here are some dramatic pictures of what hand out there, good morning alex. >> reporter: police and protesters crashed and several people ended up being arrested. some refused to take off, when their orders were refused, officers moved in. san francisco police overnight in riot gear forcibly removing demonstrators from the roadway. many were lying down in the street trying to block the department of public works trucks. they were called in to take down tents and remove sleeping bags where occupied protesters had been camping out. police arrested one of five
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people, one was because he assaulted an officer. >> our officers did a great job showing restraint and the only physical moves i saw was picking up people but our officers did a fantastic job maintaining the roadway and getting the appropriate gear out of there in a safe manor. >> police say one of their city works trucks of had their tires slashed and some say it is a vials of city code and in fact there were never any tent like structures. they told me they don't think they handled that very well and many people were injured along san francisco. ktvu channel 2 news. president barack obama heads out on a three day bus
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tour of north virginia, coming up, we will have a live report on our washington detour and strategically, the president is visiting north carolina. the debt crisis summit on sunday at the meeting in paris over the weekend finance chiefs put pressure on the group. there was talk about having the international monetary fund play a big role in the debt prices they may have to help greece emerge from its debt. they want to pay teachers more money despite budget problems. they are among the lowest paid
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which is hard to keep teachers. they are hoping bigger salary will make them want to stay. we will announce a new program to reduce student truancy. most had ten or more unexcused absences in a few school. for the third time this year a human case of west nile virus has been reported in contra cast tore county in the eastern part of the county, the latest victim is recovering and a bird found in concord also tested positive. we are finding out the private guest list for steve jobs and it included the elite
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of high technology or politics. the memorial church is reporting the get the include former president clinton and bono and page. >> i think if a person had a private life, i was just thinking about whether he would like this or not. >> some of the other special guests included joan baez, governor jerry brown and condolezza rice. apple will be holding another service for apple employees. we have much more passing on our website, just go to click on the apple paint at the top of the page. >> let's go back to sal, isn't
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it nice to have a day back? >> let's take a look at the commute on the east shore freeway, if you are driving towards the mcarthur maze no major problems there also it continues to look good at the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems getting onto the upper deck of the bay bridge. as you drive downtown it is a very good looking drive. a little bit of patchy fog inland and northeasterly breeze with higher elevations in the east bay. coming to the berkeley side at 26 but everybody is staying
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calm so far. we will we'll we will carry that, there is no rain in sight except for tuesday and wednesday but with mostly clear skies and 50s everywhere else, livermore come a 53, a westerly breeze so in higher elevations it is offshore yet at the surface we are getting a westerly breeze. we'll see a little bit of a warmup although there is a lot of fog going up the coast and it was sitting there last week. it will get ejected off towards us and that's when it will start to happen. that system will weaken but it will give us a cooler pattern and so was we look towards mid-
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week it does not look that strong. fog inland but nothing compared to what we had sunday morning. breezy in higher elevations low- to-mid 80s but tomorrow we start to cool things off especially by the coast, thursday friday are just sitting there and there could be a warmup by the weekend but there is no consensus on it. all right, steve, 5:09, they are making him a big one and this right here, big on you tube. room. >> good morning, westbound highway four looks like a good start in bay point and we will tell you more about the traffic and weather straight ahead. [ screaming ]
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map. they were replaced yesterday with pornography, they said their community guidelines have been violated. you tube are trying to figure
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out who put that pornography on there. they are trying to keep kids in booster seats longer. they will have to be in booster seats until they are eight years old or until they grow to four feet tall. it can save them in crashes up to 60% compared to just using seat belts. governor arnold schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill twice. as allison burns reports, he is hitting two southern states that could be critical to his reelection. allison? >> reporter: that's right, he won last time around but his approval ratings are falling there now so today he begins a three day bus tour aimed at
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rallying for his jobs' plan and now he is pushing for action this week to pass parts of the plan like a i stance to states -- assistance to states for teachers and more money for infrastructure programs but republicans are not showing much enthusiasm. >> it was announced today and another ample proof that the president's ideas that government creating jobs instead of business creating jobs has never been successful and never will be. >> we will look at the president's jobs, that is on my neck update in about an hour, ktvu channel 2 news allison burns. they are looking closer to ratifying a new contract. 82% have voted in favor of the contract so far.
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under the new agreement they will not get annual raises but instead will get a $6,000 signing bonus. workers have already improved their contract. they paid tribute to al davis since the death of their legendary person. the most stirring moment came during an emotional half-time ceremony. john madden lit a torch as a lasting tribute to him. he was 82 years old. he was honored in the best possible way, oakland defeated the oakland browns to improve their record to four wins, two losses however it came at a big loss, jason campbell suffered a broken collarbone and he will be out for the rest of the
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season. time now for the 49ers after a thrilling win over the lions yesterday, the undefeated in detroit, they came with less than two minutes to play when 4th and goal got in there. something happened right after the game and it has become an overnight sensation on you tube. you have two honorary coaches meeting for a handshake, he went up to jim schwartz, grabbed his hand aggressively, reportedly said an expletive, the other coach ran after him. you can see the players getting mixed up trying to keep them apart and it almost escalated into a brawl. >> i shook his hand too hard.
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it was a strong slap grab handshake. >> well, the national football league will investigate this. you can see he got really hot, they will figure out if somebody has to be reprimanded or maybe both the coaches will be fined. what is the deal sal? good morning, it is monday and i hope your deal is a good commute. we all agree. everyone agrees we want you to have a nice day on the roads. traffic in oakland, home of the raiders, as you can see traffic is moving along nicely. westbound bay bridge, that traffic looks good on the upper deck of the bay bridge. antioch pittsburgh, that traffic is moving along nicely, southbound 680 is looking good
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at walnut creek. >> if only mike brown would do it i think it would happen. >> he would do it. thank you, sal, we have fog on the coast but it's not making a push inland. today we are starting in the upper off 0s. at the surface it is still westerly. it looks like those heading back to tuesday on wednesday and it will start to make a push towards us and it will cool down. there is no sign of any rain unless it is drizzle from that light rain but i wouldn't worry
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about it. 50s elsewhere, most locations are mostly clear, fairfield, some of the higher elevations are showing signs of a northerly breeze and so far it is not making it to the surface. marin sonoma coast does show some rain to the northwest but it will be light, a cooler pattern until we start today warmer and there is that little guy sitting there and that's the one we will keep an eye on. coast and sun it will be warmer, i have seen gusts over 70s. 60s 70s and 80s, a little
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cooler with your weekend always in view, no big warmup on tap. a big plan to handle europe's debt crisis will be announced within a week. the global markets, some gains in asia, hong kong up desk jumped two%. in paris they indicated a plan to address the dead crisis. no big plunge but the dow jones industrial average nasdaq and s&p 500 all posted gains on friday and posted good earnings report. apple will start selling iphones next month. they can also pay local rates
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when traveling a board. but it comes setting you back $649 versus the locked iphone $149. the largest group here and yes, that is time for a change. good morning, as you head to the bottom of the hill, traffic looks good and we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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. good morning we have some fog on the coast, north breeze in some of the higher elevations, it will be warmer with 60s 70s and lower 80s. time now 6:24 welcome back. harold camping is standing by his notion that the world will end this friday but you may remember he said the world would end back in may but he says, the world will now end quietly on october 21st. he suffered a stroke back in june and he is still recovering. two dozen people are living
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in temporary housing after a fire in the bay view district. it started after a room on the top floor of a three story building caught fire. church members spent most of yesterday cleaning up. the pastor says all the members are staying positive. >> we believe that all things work together for the good and we know that out of this something good will happen. >> the fire appears to be an accident but they have not determined the cause yet. the people who live in the building most were in recovery, they were moved to a home and luckily nobody was hurt. they are throwing their support behind legalizing marijuana. they say marijuana should be legalized so it can be properly
5:26 am
studied. and one group in oakland said legalization will result in better regulation. >> wound woman said -- one woman said she supports this. >> this seems like something you can't poison yourself with, only what you can help yourself with. >> but obama does not see it that way and calls the cma's position irresponsible. not satellight is expected to fall to earth but it was south of inn dough nearby why. -- indonesia. it is expected to reenter the atmosphere sometime before halloween. they are not sure where the debris will land until two
5:27 am
hours before it actually happens. time now the racing world is mourning the death of one of its best, his father-in-law talks about what happened just hours before the race. shot at an apartment complex, even though he may not have had a weapon. good morning, traffic is moving well here in front of the coliseum, we will tell you about the morning commute and the bay area weather. [ screaming ]
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. good morning time now 5:30 let's check in with steve paulsen for the weather. a northerly breeze and we are starting off with 40s and 50s and some readings of upper 40s in the north bay even along the coast we should get a break even though there is fog right now, it should disappear a little later, here is sal. northbound 101 with no maim split and also -- no major split, let's go back to the
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desk. in overnight news, san francisco police have arrested demonstrators and the charges from battling the police officer to blocking the roads. here is more to find out what is going on out there. >> reporter: this demonstration turned heated and several occupied protesters were arrested and some of them this morning believe police were too rough with them and some have injuries as well. it all happened when city workers and police came in to remove tents which they say were here illegally at the plaza. [crowd noise] >> reporter: san francisco police officers in riot gear pulled demonstrators from the road last night. they were trying to block the department of public works
5:32 am
trucks from getting to the department. police arrested one of them for assaulting an officers. >> i was trying to get to the right please and i was immediately restrained and thrown into cuffs and i was not even doing anything wrong. >> we have no problem with them protesting but it is a right of freedommer speech, the problem is you can't violate the laws we already have on the books. >> reporter: with a police escort, they were able to do some of the cleanup they were able to do but one of their city trucks had its tires trashed. they are refusing to take things down and they don't believe this end campment is i
5:33 am
will legal. -- illegal, reporting live ktvu channel 2 news. services are pending for another member of the hells angels. he was attending the funeral of the president of the san jose chapter. it shows people looking down movements after the shooting. a past top was rushed to the hospital right away. >> we couldn't get any answers because -- they were trying to save his life. >> condolences cards and candles have been left at his bail bond business in san jose. in the case at that followed the crime scene and it's possible he was attacked and taken away by friends.
5:34 am
witnesses say he was angry that he stripped a patch from his patch in last month's novato shooting. police are investigating the 5th officer involved shooting of the year. here from the scene to tell us what led up to this deadly confrontation, here is more with kraig debro. >> reporter: the shooting happened with in the last couple of weeks and the last one happened here on the east side of san jose. residents called them around 11:45, they reported a suspicious person with a weapon. three police officers and a reserve person responded. >> one felt threatened to the paint where he discharged his firearm and that person was pronounced deceased at the scene. >> his name has not been
5:35 am
released, standard operating procedure pending the investigation we will talk to residents to see if anybody was here and might have seen what happened. kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. two time indycar dan weldon was killed in a 15 car crash during a race in las vegas. it happened during lap 13, watch this one car swerved another car hit it and went airborne, dan weldon's car flew over and smashed into the fence on one of the track's turns. he was airlifted to the hospital but he died later. dan weldon's father-in-law said he had just talked with him earlier in the day. >> i said have a safe race and he was supposed to go to australia after the race and i
5:36 am
said have a safe race and that's all. >> they went outside the indianapolis speedway where dan weldon won twice. three other drivers were hospitalized after this tremendous wreck. one has been released and the others were kept overnight. a settlement has reportedly been released in the los angeles dodgers. coming up details of the deal that would end one of the costliest proceedings in california history. it will either be the texas rangers or the st. louis cardinals. >> they are headed back back to the world series. they closed out the nlcs and the world series begins wednesday night in st. louis and you can watch that game and the whole series right here on k tv u channel 2.
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they will be venting a natural gas line this time in the park. they are preparing the pipe for pressure testing in an area near sand hill road and tanner drive. if you live in the area you may smell some natural gas and if you are worried, call pg&e. a plan is planned for today and tomorrow, they hope the fire will improve the habitat. they plan on checking weather conditions and with bay area quality officials before they start that controlled burn. they warn smoke could be seen throughout the south bay. fire department will hold a moment of silence at 5:04 and that's the exact time it hit the bay area two years ago. world series between the san
5:38 am
francisco giants as the game was getting underway. it killed 63 people an injured almost 4,000 others. our time now is 5:37 let's see what sal is seeing on the roads as we get you out the door. >> traffic is doing well around the bay area so far and as you might imagine, we are starting off the morning well, bay point, you can see the cars are certainly getting along on the road and pretty soon we will have a crowd, but not yet. i think this should do you well also the commute looks good at westbound bay toll plaza. and 680 southbound to walnut creek looks good, walnut creek to lafayette, the same, let's go to steve at 5:38. >> city should warmup a little bit, higher clouds starting off 58 and 68 we will go to a high
5:39 am
of 74, mostly sunny today, a few high clouds but a little bit of fog most of the fog is on the coast but there are patches inland. by tuesday a low that is sitting out there starts to move back towards us and will cool us down by tuesday into wednesday and the seven day outlook is boring, stays the same. there is no extreme one way or the other so we will have pleasant fall weather. napa airport has gone from 48 to 50, mid-50s everywhere else except for livermore dipping to 43. showing more of a northerly or northeast on the oakland berkeley side there is gusts to 26 miles per hour. that will reverse itself as the low gets closer.
5:40 am
as it does it looks like it will pinch in on wednesday. maybe some rain to the north but it does not look like any rain will be light but it looks like it will be on the move starting tomorrow. low clouds, some inland and a north breeze means inland temperatures, some upper 70s and inland we will find low-to- mid 80s. more fog on tuesday carry that to wednesday and it looks to be the coolest day with friday with your weekend always in view, there are some hints some may be warmer. a discovery found in a basement, why three people are now in jail. plus michael jackson's doctor will not be in court, the personal reason that put the trial on hold.
5:41 am
good morning, heading south about the bay area commute and the
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. i'll say good morning, temperatures are starting to warm up, 60s and 70s coast and bay and lower inland. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 5:43 a nine-year- old girl is among four people shot in the city of pittsburgh, it happened at birthday party. pittsburgh police are still searching for the gunman, the victims are expected to survive. overnight san francisco police arrested five demonstrators from the occupied movement. look at these pictures.
5:44 am
they were angry the city tour down -- tore down their tents. president barack obama heads out on a three day bus tour of north carolina and virginia. he will be pushing passage of his jobs bill and reelection campaign. michael jackson's trial will not continue because one of the witnesses died over the weekend. the witness is an anesthesiologist -- anesthesiologist expert. the judge has not said when the trial will resume. it was a deadly weekend in oakland. 22-year-old abram was shot and killed on 81st street. just a few hours ago, two men
5:45 am
were killed in front of mcarthur boulevard. 22-year-old joshua was killed, no arrests were made and it happened just hours after the mayor introduced a plan to reduce violence. in sonoma county a discovery of a body is connected to a shooting miles away. somebody called 911 to report the body on mill creek road. they heard gunshots several miles away. they are accused of holding four mentally and physically challenged adults in a basement in philadelphia for several days. those victims, a woman and three men, there they were found on saturday, they were chained in a 15 by 15-foot room. they traveled with their victims from texas to florida,
5:46 am
then to philadelphia. the suspects may have been stealing the victim's social security checks. >> it is dispickable and unspeakable. the mere fact that individuals would treat disadvantaged people like this, it simply makes us sick. >> they were taken to the hospital for treatment format nourishment. tomorrow night, 7 of the top presidential gop candidates, jon huntsman will not be there. he is protesting nevada's decision to move the caucuses to the middle of january which violates the republican committee rules. they are considering moves its primary to december and they say it will preserve it's his
5:47 am
tore rick -- historic status of the campaign. los angeles dodgers, they have reached a settlement under which jamie would get $130 million and relink wish any part of team. it is one of the costliest divorce proceedings in history. earlier he took the dodgers into bankruptcy. the commissioner wants the bankruptcy court to order the sale of the team. many of the cease species of the world are shrinking, not in population or in the amount or how big they actually are. there is a new study that says cotton corn, salmon, shrimp even polar bears are shrinking in size which has been happening in recent years. however some scientists are
5:48 am
skeptical that it is related to climate change. 5:47 let's check in with sal for traffic. >> is that the little tiny corn that is pickled? >> yes. >> thank you very much. let's look at the commute now, traffic is moving well. the commute is not shrinking, it is actually very robust these days on highway 4, also driving on some of the surface roads, very slow in contra caster county, let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see there is a little bit of wait in those cash lanes but no problems on the actual bridge itself but if you are driving on the peninsular 208 is looking very -- 280 is looking very nice, so far everything is good on highway 17 and 285. it will be mostly sunny a few high clouds up above, some
5:49 am
fog on the coast, it is going to move up to a lot of resistance and not at the surface. after today it looks likes it will be cooler as we head to tuesday night wednesday, a lot of that high cloudiness, it has moved off, few around but nothing like yesterday. four around nothing like napa. a few in the north bay low-to- mid to upper, west winds and higher elevations northeast showing 20 to 25 miles per hour so far it is in the higher hills. so far it looks like that high inches close to the mendocino coast and in the north it will be weak but it will fall apart as it inches closer.
5:50 am
the low is sitting out there, high pressure does not like low pressure so it gives us that offshore breeze even though there is not much there fog sun along the coast, low-to-mid 80s after that fog, but that's about it, we should have a cool down, wednesday and thursday it levels off and we keep it there. 5:50 is the time right now the feud between samsung and "i" phone is heating up. the electronics company wants to block the immediate sale of iphone for us and accuses apple of patent infringement. they are constantly going
5:51 am
over their minute annex year they will send out realtime messages part of industry standards announced today. kodak will now license thousands of its laser projection patterns to u max. they have struggled as they shifted to digital cameras. the multi-million dollar deal helps on pixar screens. time now 5:51, s.w.a.t. team moves in and they are beefing them up with crime scenes. how thousands honored the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. and don't forget, we have our morning facebook team page, you can send us messages and story ideas, just search ktvu channel 2 news team. @
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. welcome back to the morning news, italian police conducting raids throughout the country following riots that broke out during the weekend wall street protests. armature video shows this in rome, cars are vandalized police fought back with batons
5:55 am
and a water canon. they are targeting anarchists and other suspects and so far six suspects have been arrested. two will be working alongside the s.w.a.t. team. now the doctors have completed social liced -- specialized training that will allow them to be in specialized situations. police say the volunteer s.w.a.t., special weapons and tatics doctors will be able to provide care for injured team members or civilians. businesses are coming together to help those come together after a shooting rampage inside a hair salon. stylists were busy working hard to raise money for the shooting victims. customers packed the salon which is right near the salon with several people were shot dead.
5:56 am
all the proceeds will benefit a memorial funds. >> we are starting out with a breast cancer telethon and when the shooting happened we decided to switch it and give it to the community. prosecute cuters are seeking the death penalty for scott who is accused of shooting several people including his ex-wife on wednesday. his arrangement is postponed until late november. the memorial for dr. martin luther king, jr. finally had its day in the sun. they came for the dedication of the memorial and some of them stood in line for hours. the dedication was originally set for august but it was postponed because of hurricane irene. as you can see president barack obama was there and he told the people that dr. king's lessons are especially relevant today. >> he tells us we have a duty to fight against poverty even if we are well off, to care
5:57 am
about the child in the bad school even if our own children are doing fine. >> to dr. king's family who spoke at the well-known ceremony, it is a 30-foot tall statue of dr. king and afterwards many people wanted to pose for pictures in front of it. >> that is phenomenal. a lot of people are getting ready to head out the door, how is it looking sal? >> right now is a good time to go if you want to keep to a schedule ; you will not see a lot of traffic but on the sunole grade everything looks good driving to the south bay. 5:37 let's go back to the desk. fire in the east bay hits a little girl, she is among several people wounded, what happened where did it happen and what are the police focused
5:58 am
on now. plus the latest on the arrests of the occupied demonstrators, stay tuned. i will awaken you with a song. i will present your world, at a glance. i will remain untangled and uncomplicated. and let nothing or no one go unnoticed. all from one.
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